NEW to WBU Yorktown; OC RawOpen Farm Pet Foods!

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WBU Yorktown is THRILLED to announce the arrival of two BRAND NEW product lines - Open FarmOC Raw pet foods! These products represent the highest quality ingredients, humanely and sustainably sourced and made right here is the USA! 

Our pets are like family - We get it! And just as our customers have trusted us to bring only the BEST, freshest foods for your birds, we now offer two options for your furry best friends! 

A little background...Many of you have met our newest store greeter Willow, a 10-month-old Golden Retriever. We were facing some nutritional challenges and sought the help of the awesome folks at The Nautical Dog pet market in neighboring Williamsburg...

After following some recommendations from their amazing staff, we have seen incredible results and we could not be more delighted. Upon doing further research and knowing how many of our customers own cats and dogs, our team decided to carefully select a few premium foods hoping that you too can feel good knowing what's in your pet’s bowl! 

(Be sure to ask about samples the next time you are in the shop!)

THANK YOU to The Nautical Dog store owner Amanda and her passionate team for guiding us in achieving optimal health for our pets! Please visit their fantastic store when visiting Williamsburg!

We would like to share several helpful links below so that you can learn more about these great companies! Also, you will find a link to a documentary "Pet Fooled" which gave us incredible insight on the commercial pet food industry. This information had a significant impact on our entire team and we hope you can gain further knowledge as well!

We only want what is best for our pet’s nutrition and we are so excited to be a resource for our community. We feel confident we can do this while of course, continue to be your "happy place" for all of your backyard bird feeding needs!


Most sincerely,

The WBU Yorktown Gang

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Visit Open Farm Here

Watch "Pet Fooled" Here           

Visit The Nautical Dog Here