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How to. . .Cleaning your Feeders.

There are some bird feeders that, if they were restaurants, the Health Department would shut them down because they are so dirty. Taking proper care of bird feeders, including periodic cleaning, is an important part of responsible bird feeding.

Keeping your bird feeders clean is crucial to reducing the spread of bird illnesses and diseases. Often individuals who feed the birds do not receive complete and accurate information on bird disease or how to safely offer food and water to the birds. We feel it is essential for those who enjoy the hobby of backyard bird feeding to understand the importance of proper feeding methods.

While having a feeder cleaned removes the build-up that accumulates over time, it won’t make the feeder look brand new. However, a clean feeder will not only decrease the spread of bird diseases, it can potentially increase the level of bird activity in the area where the feeder is located.


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